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Let food be thy medicine


Jan. 21, 2019

About the Speaker:

Dr. Sripriya Venkiteswaran, is a nutritionist by profession, and an avid follower of all things that are nutritious for the past two decades. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, a PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, followed by a PhD in Nutritional Sciences.

Her interest for the molecular aspects of nutrition were ignited during her PhD from Rutgers University, which has turned in to her core strength and passion. In this TEDx_IBA_Bangalore talk she shares her views and knowledge about nutritional facts and how food itself can heal as well as shape the body.


  • How food, in extension nutrition, affects your body from within (at genome level)

  • How most regulatory aspects or dietary recommendations have been focused around "the general" or concentrated on "the average human being".

  • Why this approach has largely been unsuccessful

  • Later, she proposes that, since everyone is genetically unique, the way we respond to various foods would also be unique, which in extension have largely been the root cause why "one size fits them all" approach does not work.

  • She explains the two-way effect of gene-to-nutrition and nutrition-to-gene on our body, providing some compelling examples of Agouti and MTHFR genes.

  • With expanding prospects of genomic profiling, she feels excited about the future, but she also urges both scientific community to gather comprehensive data before customizing the nutritional recommendations.

  • She also touches upon several other topics pertinent like patient persuasion, status of nutritionists within the medical community and even reviving our (Indian) traditional nutritional practices advocated with genomic data.

  • She concludes reiterating the point that 'your genotype is also as important as your appetite".


Jan. 21, 2019