Our Science

Our science has been conceptualized by the combined efforts of experts from the field of medicine, nutrition, life sciences and computational biology, which drive the evidence based analysis and interpretation of your gut microbiome data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily identify “the diverse microbial species” within your gut, followed by characterization, analysis and interpretation of larger patterns within them using the ‘microbiome sequencing analysis” and our patent pending technology.

We achieve this through the aid of associations between your gut microbe composition and that of reported evidence utilizing our patent pending technology, giving you a detailed report on disease risk assessments and personalized nutritional and supplement recommendation for better intestinal health and general wellness.

Our intestines are home to good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are live beneficial microorganisms. You may be taking a wrong probiotic or may not be needing any probiotic. Also, excess of everything is bad so taking probiotics which are unnecessary might be bad for you. This test provides a snapshot of all the probiotics that your gut may be harbouring and thus might help you fine tune your probiotic requirement.

BugSpeaks® is a unique and easy to use “do it yourself” kind of a test which not only provides disease risk analysis but extends to provide you with personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to improve your overall health. In summary we provide :-
  • Disease susceptibility index based on the gut microflora abundance and diversity
  • A snapshot of the intestinal health
  • Personalized and unique 3 phase nutritional recommendation based on gut microflora
  • Personalized supplement recommendation based on gut microflora
  • Personalized trait information such as proneness to fatigue etc.
The recommendations contained in the report may aid in the therapy for any specific disease that you are undergoing and or improve the general well being and health.

That’s great! However as you would know all our food passes through the intestine where these microorganisms act on them helping in overall digestion. Various microorganisms act on different food to produce metabolites which might be good or bad for our health. Secondly, there is something called “cross-feeding” wherein metabolite of one microbe is food for the second. Our recommendations are based on the microflora that resides in the gut and therefore provides the relevant food items that one must consume to keep the good intestinal flora happy. This will thus help finetune your well-planned diet with proper evidence.

No, we operate remotely pan India and globally. Our test can be ordered online and the test kit is delivered to the address and picked up once the sample is ready.

We generally initiate the test procedure by sending the Microbiome Kit to the mentioned address after the payment is made successfully. You will be notified via email about the courier service company and the tracking number, when we dispatch the kit.

The kit basically is a stool collection kit with a specialized stool tube containing a liquid which is used to transport the sample without contamination and DNA degradation. The details on the collection process and the relevant do’s and don’ts will be sent to you along with the kit. A questionnaire will also be sent along with this kit.

Please follow the instructions provided within the kit to collect the stool sample and fill the questionnaire. Please notify us once the sample is ready and we will arrange to pick up the kit from your address through our courier partner.

You can reply to us on the same email thread or give us a call (provided in the kit), that the sample is ready to be shipped. Then we would initiate the pickup from your specified address.

Once we receive the sample, we will assign a unique ID to the sample. And you will be notified via email about the ID’s and any relevant details. We will keep you notified at regular intervals.
The analysis and the report generation process are carried out in a secure environment, redacting any personal information and is tracked only using the unique ID.

It is generally within 3-5 weeks from the day we receive the sample and assign the ID to the sample.

It is now generally accepted that intestinal inflammation due to gut microbiota dysbiosis can be a reason for many diseases. Our recommendations provide guide to personalized nutrition aimed at improving gut dysbiosis. If the recommendations contained in the report are followed and correct preventive measures are undertaken including certain lifestyle modifications then there is a good chance that overall health might improve.

We provide discounts based on volume and for certain individual cases. Please enquire

We would be able to clarify any queries pertaining to the report. If you would like to further discuss with a doctor or a nutritionist, you can take the help of “our expert” section on our website that will help you connect with the relevant experts in the field for next steps. Please be informed, the doctor or the nutritionist charges are not included in the test price.