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Our science has been conceptualized by the combined efforts of experts from the field of medicine, nutrition, life sciences and computational biology, which drive the evidence based analysis and interpretation of your gut microbiome data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human body hosts a huge number of microbes of many different kinds (Bacteria, Fungi etc.), in & on many different organs (gut, oral, skin etc.). This complete collection of microbes constitutes the human microbiota.

Just like we carry genes and genomes in our cells, each of the microorganism also has their own genes and genomes. The complete collection of microbial genomes constitutes the human microbiome. For example, the complete collection of microbial genomes within a gut [stool] sample becomes the gut microbiome.

The establishment [later composition and abundance] of the human microbiota is not random. The establishment begins from womb, type of birth (vaginal or caesarean), mother's breast milk, diet and nutrition during growth and adulthood. Lifestyle habits (exercise, smoking, etc.) and various other environmental factors also significantly influence and shape the composition of one's microbiota.
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Its HUGE! Like more than number of cells in your body !!
Usually an adult human gut microbiota consists anywhere from 800 to 2000 different types (species) of microorganisms spanning across 5 different phylum viz., bacteria, archaea, fungi, virus and Eukaryota (protozoa and Metazoa). Each of these (800 to 2000 different) species have millions of copies of them, with current estimates indicating that the human gut is occupied with approximately 100 trillion cells of different microorganisms, happily living within us. Read this great blog post in our blogs section.

No, they are not the same, it differs from person to person. Though the microbiota carries out many similar functions, but the jobs are not necessarily done by the same microbial species in each person. Also, the species carrying out the various functions in any given individual may change over time [in quantity], differs based on the sex of the individual, habits ecological niche etc.

Yes. There is a quite a bit of variation from one person to the next, depending on all the factors mentioned above. But one’s own microbiota gets stable over time, so does its functional capabilities and impacts on our health.

Most of these microbes are either benign or mostly beneficial, and rarely gets detrimental to our health, either singularly or in combination. So, we have a bunch of friendly and non-friendly microorganisms within/on us, since thousands of years (as species) and from our birth (as individuals). This is specifically true with respect to our guts, where these microorganisms have thrived as an entire ecosystem with continuous availability of nutrition.
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Due to their symbiotic [mostly beneficial] and/or parasitic [mostly non-beneficial] nature, these microbes play a significant role in many fundamental life processes. The function and impact of the microbiota varies from place to place and many of its functions have not yet been completely elucidated. Like for example, bacteria in the mouth and gut helps in digesting complex carbohydrates & lipids we ingest and keeps immune system in check. It has emerged as a virtual metabolic organ, given its impact on a large spectrum of digestion and metabolism of the food that we consume. Its ability to establish an axis with several extraintestinal organs, such as kidneys, liver, cardiovascular, the bone system and the brain, has gained a lot of traction in the recent past.
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Yes, microbes’ sense and interact with specific receptors [antenna of sorts] that are secreted by our cells, which they use as cues to “decide” where to grow. Thus, there is a role for human genetics in the eventual structure of the microbiota. The exact mechanisms that govern these selection processes are also under active study, but they certainly include a great deal of communication, as well as physical cues like temperature and moisture levels [which is also driven by our genetics]

The gut microbiota [composition, abundance, and diversity] may vary depending on the geography (Indian, Asian, American etc.), gender, culture and demographics, genetics (of your own and that of the race), diet, and many environmental factors. Hence, the gut microbiota of every individual follows certain larger patterns. These types and their abundances are not static, and it changes with age, geography, culture, and most importantly diet, and any shift in the above categories, can lead to a shift in the type and abundance of microbiota.

The gut is the best studied site of all the human microbiomes, and it contains the largest, densest, and most diverse microbial community in the human body. The gut microbiome acts as a highly efficient bioreactor, helping to extract energy and nutrients from the food we eat. Compounds that humans cannot digest on their own can be broken down by microbes. The gut microbiome has complex effects on human health and changes in its composition have been linked to several diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, Clostridium difficile infections, autoimmune disorders, and even diabetes and obesity. There are intriguing indications that the gut microbiome may affect sleep patterns, mood, and other behaviours. Hence, the impact of microbiome on out health and wellbeing is big!!

No!! The microbiomes of the mouth, skin, vagina, and lungs are also altered in various other health conditions like dental caries, acne, urinary tract infections and respiratory infections, respectively. The microbes in these body sites are not simply passive bystanders but are playing active roles in the dynamic balance between health and disease.

The good thing about our microbiota, especially the gut microbiota, is that it can be manipulated (in composition, abundance, and diversity) and made to work for us, improving our physiological functions, immune system, and metabolic regulation. Such manipulation is currently achieved through
  • Dietary manipulations (which in turn is a function of microbial composition).
  • Probiotic supplementation - either naturally as food or as cultured supplementation.
  • Prebiotics supplementation - which dietary substances that selectively promote proliferation and activity of beneficial bacteria indigenous to the colon. Supplemented either naturally as food or as processed supplementation.
  • As “Synbiotic” - an optimal combination of probiotic species and a set of prebiotics that augment their growth.
  • Faecal Microbiota Transplantations (FMT) - for serious clinical conditions like Clostridium difficile infections.

Well tolerated set of dietary, probiotic, and prebiotic recommendations, for manipulation of one's gut microbiota is the next big thing in disease management and health care. And to get a well-tolerated recommendations, one needs to test and see what the current status of their microbiome is. Personalizing the kind and quantity of these dietary, probiotic, and prebiotic recommendations, should be based on one’s unique gut microbiome. Hence, evaluating (the composition, abundance, and diversity of) the gut microbiome seems to be the first and most promising path forward for achieving optimal health benefits. And this is where BugSpeaks® can aid you to make such guided decisions.

BugSpeaks® is India's first gut microbiome test, with focus on wellbeing through dietary, probiotic, and prebiotic recommendations, based on your unique microbiome profile. BugSpeaks® is brought to you by Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. - South Asia’s first microbiome company. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India.
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It is a wellness report. The test would tell you about the current status of your gut health, impact of that on other health issues, and provide you with personalized dietary, probiotic and prebiotic recommendations for significantly improving your wellness.

We primarily identify “the diverse microbial species” within your microbiomes [specifically gut], followed by characterization, analysis, and interpretation of larger patterns within them using the ‘microbiome sequencing analysis” and our patent pending technology.
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We achieve this through the aid of associations between your gut microbiome profile and that of reported evidence utilizing our patent pending technology, giving you a detailed report on disease risk assessments and personalized nutritional and supplement recommendation for better intestinal health and general wellness. We have manually curated and validated associations between microbiota and disease [Database - MicroByte] and microbiota and food [Database - NutriBite].
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BugSpeaks® is a unique test which not only provides you with current status of your gut health and disease risk analysis but extends beyond to provide you with personalized recommendations to improve your overall health. In summary we provide :-
Disease susceptibility index based on the gut microbiome abundance and diversity
  • A snapshot of the intestinal health
  • Personalized and unique 3 phase nutritional recommendation based on gut microbiome
  • Personalized supplement [probiotic and prebiotic] recommendation based on gut microbiome
  • Personalized trait information such as proneness to fatigue etc.
The recommendations can significantly improve the general wellbeing and health, but may also aid in the management of specific diseases [Ex. IBD, IBS etc.] Read More

Even though probiotics are generally recognized as safe and largely beneficial, it is important to know the need for probiotics in the first place, and which specific probiotic species or concoction would aid you. You may be taking a probiotic or may not be needing any probiotic. Also, excess of everything is bad so taking probiotics which are unnecessary might be bad for you. BugSpeaks® test provides a snapshot of all the probiotics that is present in your gut and thus will help you to fine tune your probiotic requirements, with specific species and combination.

That’s great!
However, is it personalized for you? based on your microbiome?
This personalization is critical, since know all the food you eat passes through the intestine where these microorganisms act on them helping in overall digestion. Different microorganisms act on different foods to produce different metabolites, which might be good or bad for our health. Secondly, there is something called “cross-feeding” wherein metabolite of one microbe is food for the second. Since our recommendations are based on your unique microbiome, its relevant to you and you alone.

No, we operate remotely pan India and globally. Our test can be ordered online and an easy to use sampling kit will be delivered to your address and picked up once the sample is ready. Please notify us once the sample is ready and we will arrange to pick up the kit from your address through our courier partner. And this whole logistics would be prepaid, and the cost is included in the test price.
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We generally initiate the test procedure by sending the BugSpeaks® Kit to the mentioned address after the payment is made successfully, the test questionnaire is filled, and consent is given. The whole process is done online in few simple steps. You will be notified via email about the courier services and tracking numbers, both while receiving the kit and while dispatching it back to us.
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The kit basically is a stool collection kit with a specialized stool tube containing a liquid which is used to transport the sample without contamination and DNA degradation. Clear instructions about the collection process and the relevant do’s and don’ts will be sent to you along with the kit.

Once we receive the sample, we will assign a unique ID to the sample. And you will be notified via email about the ID and any relevant details. We will keep you notified at regular intervals about the sample processing, sequencing, analysis, and the report generation process.
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We take privacy very seriously and we follow strict guidelines to secure your data. We follow with UN3373 protocols for our logistics and comply with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines for data privacy and security. All your personal information will be redacted before your sample and sequencing data can be accessed. We do use your data for research purposes and a consent form will be provided to you, along with the questionnaire, which you must sign. You can also find these details of the consent form and other terms and conditions during the registration process. As a testament, we are also the recipient for the 2019 “Frost & Sullivan India Award for Technology Innovation” and 2016 “Frost & Sullivan India Award for Enabling Technology in the Cloud-enabled Genomics Industry”.

It is generally within 4 weeks from the day we receive the sample and assign the ID to the sample.

We provide discounts based on the kind of package your chose, volume and for certain individual cases. Please send your inquiries to hello@bugspeaks.com.

Free consultation [and special discount for nutritional diet package] from My22BMI is includes within the price of the test. We would be able to clarify any queries pertaining to the report with specific requests. If you would like to further discuss with a doctor or a nutritionist, you can take the help of “our experts” section on our website that will help you connect with the relevant experts in the field for next stage. Please be informed, the doctor or the nutritionist charges are not included in the test price.

No, we would not be providing any supplements after the test. However, special discounts for buying healthy food from opting nutritional diet package from My22BMI, will be shared as coupon codes.